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What business customer would benefit from FleetDaddy?
FleetDaddy was specifically designed for any business type with commercial automobile fleets of ten to 100 vehicles. However, we have many customers with smaller and larger fleets who have experienced the benefits of adding our fleet and risk management solution to their business operation.

What is the commission to the agent?
Agents and brokers earn 12 percent commission on each new vehicle subscription sold of two to three years and 10 percent on renewal subscriptions. Commission is paid monthly on a direct basis to the agent or broker by US Assure.

Is there a sales commitment?
No. There is no sales commitment in terms of number of subscriptions sold or premium. However, we ask that agents and brokers commit to looking for opportunities to sell FleetDaddy as a risk management solution to their commercial customers with auto fleets.

Why partner with insurance professionals and not sell FleetDaddy direct to business customers?
    · Insurance professionals have the right client relationships
    · Clients look to their insurance professional for advice, specifically in terms of risk management and loss prevention
    · Agents understand the FleetDaddy value proposition
    · Insurance carriers are beginning to adopt programs offering premium discounts when telematics software is used in the insured’s operations

What are the subscription options for customers?
Your business customers have the option to purchase a two or three year subscription to use the FleetDaddy software. Subscription prices start at $25 for a 36 month period or $29 per vehicle for a 24 month period. There is a one-time hardware and installation charge of $159 per vehicle. Charge can be reduced if the customer elects to perform the installation (typically an option only for larger fleets that might have their own on-staff mechanics).

How do business customers get started?
    · Sign and submit the customer subscription agreement to FleetDaddy
    · Schedule time for a FleetDaddy representative to install and activate the vehicle software on-site
    · FleetDaddy will work directly with the customer to set up the account and software administration

Who trains the customer?
The FleetDaddy staff will assist your customer from the start to set up, train and provide on-going support, when needed, throughout the subscription period.

How is the customer subscription payment collected?
FleetDaddy collects the subscription payment from the customers. Agent and broker commissions are then paid direct by FleetDaddy on a quarterly basis. Zero up-front cost financing options are available.