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Introducing FleetDaddy, a fleet and risk management solution
FleetDaddy is unique in the vehicle telecommunications and information reporting industry (also known as telematics). Our telematics solution enables companies to maximize the efficiency of their commercial auto fleet through industry-leading, real-time monitoring of vehicle location, movement, status, and behavior. Through the use of wireless technology and intelligent web-based software, companies gain immediate, around-the-clock insight to observe employee driving performance, plan and view individual vehicle routing, receive scheduled maintenance alerts, minimize fuel and insurance costs, and increase operational safety and productivity.

Delivering Management Insight and Operational Control

FleetDaddy provides an affordable, turnkey solution designed to help businesses proactively manage risk. The user-friendly technology and solutions, driven by deep insurance experience, allow fleet operators to take a practical, hands-on approach to managing work-related road safety.

Plus, the intelligent software is designed to provide risk management solutions that may be implemented on the job and shared with insurance carriers for premium discounts or proof of established safety and risk management procedures.

Fuel is often twenty-five percent of fleet operating costs. Reduced idling time, less aggressive driving, and better route management dramatically decrease fuel consumption. By monitoring a fleet’s fuel economy, FleetDaddy identifies drivers that need training.

FleetDaddy replaces time consuming manual maintenance scheduling with an automated preventive maintenance program.

Getting the right vehicle to the right place is easy when businesses know the location of vehicles and drivers. FleetDaddy vehicle tracking gets drivers to customers quickly and improves customer service.