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    US Assure is a program administrator and insurance services provider with 35 years of experience in the property and casualty industry. This experience has allowed our organization to manage
    complex accounts and develop leading service capabilities. We have successfully managed multiple programs, including one of the largest residential builders risk programs in the United States.
    Through advanced technology, we have created a centralized and highly efficient transactional-based environment. Our industry partners receive expertise, elite service, and expansion opportunities
    through our low cost value proposition.

    Our operation includes capabilities for the following:

    Insurance Services
    Policy Administration
    Agency and Customer Service Center
    Business Processing and Data Entry
    Service Center Operations
    Contracting and Licensing

    Program Administration
    Product Development
    Sales, Marketing, and Agency Development
    Distribution Management

    For a complete overview of the US Assure organization, CLICK HERE.

    Positioned for New Partners
    We welcome the opportunity to develop service relationships with new carriers. For more information or to schedule a discovery session, contact Chief Underwriting Officer and Senior Vice President of Programs Alan Ferguson at (800) 364 - 3941.